The Solid Colours Cocker Spaniel Association

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Home: Introduction to The Solid Colours Cocker Spaniel Association

History: Background information on the Black Cocker Spaniel Club and the Red & Golden Cocker Spaniel Club

President's Foreword: Foreword by Mr W H Edwards, President of the Red & Golden Cocker Club in 1934

Foundation: Foundation of the Red & Golden Cocker Club by Mr E E Todd (1934)

Officers & Committee: Current Officers and Committee members of the Association

Membership: Information on how to join the Association with downloadable membership form

Cocker Characteristics & Colours : Introduction to the Cocker Spaniel with photos of all the Solid colours

Health, Care & Training: Useful background information on health issues and caring for the Cocker Spaniel

Solid Cockers At Work: Photos of Maureen Wilson's show-type solid Cockers at work in the field

Famous Solid Kennels: Tributes and photo galleries for two leading Solid Kennels, Lochranza & Broomleaf

Dogs of The Past: Interesting historical photos of Solid Cockers from the past

Diary of Events: Shows and Seminars planned for 2014

Show Results: Show results and some photos for the years 2001-2014

Links: Other useful websites